To improve your game, you must know your game

If you're serious about improving your League of Legends play, you need to know how you play. It's not enough to know who the most popular ADC is this week, or what fancy build the pros play with. You need to look at your games in depth and learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie. At, we provide you with all the data you need to make your game better, because we dive into the game itself, automatically analyzing your replay files and showing you the whole story of the game, not just how it ended.

Walkthrough video

Get a quick tour of everything we have to offer with our walkthrough video. Or dive right in and start exploring all our great features for yourself.


We dig into the replay files and squeeze every drop of data we can out of the game. One of our favorites is the ability to see each of your summoner's stats at every second of the game in quick, easy-to read charts.


We get location data on all the champions and events in the game and allow you to play them back real time. Loading a replay can take several minutes, and finding the interesting bits can take even longer. Our playback map can let you see the flow of a game at anywhere from 1:1 speed to 120:1. Watch the entire game play out in minutes.

Raw data

We can tell the entire story of a game from start to finish. Don't just see what items they ended with, see every buy, sell, trade, and skill level up each player made, and exactly when they made it. Over the coming weeks, we'll show you every summoner spell burnt, skill shot missed, item active proced, and more.

Multi-game analytics doesn't stop at just showing you one game. We take data from all of your games and perform detailed analysis on them to show you trends across your play. See how well you CS by champion, by time of the game, and by type of minion. Are you hitting that 100 CS by 10 minute mark? Only can show you!

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